Socrates Justice And Morality Essay

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Justice and morality are what we must use to govern ourselves in proper society, but which should be more valued? Socrates valued morality, because he believed that there is never a reason to commit an injustice, and that the law should always be followed. The law is always straightforward without the capacity to make a mistake, it is absolute. If you disagree with the law you can try to persuade, but if you choose to stay in the land where the law governs then you must follow its instructions. If you are wronged than it must be by men, the unwise majority. Socrates does make a few good points. Taking the law into your own hands is very dangerous, and doing wrong is never right. A law is an absolute, meaning that if stealing is against the …show more content…
If you don’t have the ability to change the law and law is unjust and immoral to you, then is breaking the law still wrong? Let’s consider slavery. A slave has no power to change any laws, and the slave cannot do anything to change the fact that he is a slave. If the slave broke the law and escaped because he feels that slavery is immoral, is that not just? The slave does not have the power to change the law, nor the power to leave and move to a place where he can leave freely; the system is rigged in the master’s favor. In this situation, I believe, that it would be just and moral for the slave to try and escape since that would be the only way for the slave to live a good life. As a slave, he is just living as property with no rights. The only way for the slave to live a just and good life as he sees fit is by escaping. It is only okay to break the law, not if men have wronged you, but the system that is there to uphold justice and morality is corrupt and does not allow you to live

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