Socm Study Guide Essay

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Chapter 1 ELO’s

Describe the basic functions of living organisms.

A. Responsiveness – organisms respond to changes in their immediate environment (long term changes is adaptability)

B. Growth – over a lifetime, organisms grow larger through an increase in size or number of cells. Differentiation is when cells have specialized functions

C. Reproduction – Organisms reproduce, creating subsequent generations of similar organisms

D. Movement – Organisms are capable of movement

a. Internal – moving food, blood, or other materials internally b. External – moving through environment

E. Metabolism – Organisms rely on complex chemical reactions to provide the energy for responsiveness, growth,
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Dorsal Cavity * Cranial Cavity (surrounds the brain) * Spinal Cavity (surrounds the spinal cord) Ventral Body Cavity * Thoracic Cavity * Contains two pleural cavities surrounding the lungs * Pericardial cavity surrounds the heart * Separated by the diaphragm * Abdominopelvic cavity * Abdominal (superior) * Pelvic (inferior) * Peritoneal cavity

Key Terms Anatomical position – standard position humans are portrayed in (Da Vinci model), hands at the sides, palms facing forward Anatomy – study of internal and external structure and the physical relationships between body parts. Diaphragm – flat muscular sheet, divides the ventral body cavity

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