Sociology : Sociology And Sociological Theories Essay

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Jenna Warman
Sociology Final Reflection

Sociology is a science that studies the societies people live in. As in any other science, there are three major theories, Functionalist, Conflict, and Symbolic Interactionist theories that are used to support and outline the different aspects of sociology. These theories provide sociologies with ways to view and analyze the social world as well as to explain and predict society.
The functionalist perspective is based on the works of sociological theorists Herbert Spencer, Emile Durkheim, and Robert Merton. The functionalist view is founded on the idea that every aspect of society has a purpose or a function that contributes to the society as a whole. Each part of society is necessary in order to create stability and to fulfill the different needs of society. Conversely, each aspect of society, namely these social institutions including family, education, and the economy, has its consequences which in turn affect society. For example, in a society where the government provides education for the children of the families that live there. The families pay the taxes necessary to fund the education and support the state. The family is dependent upon the schools to help their children so they too can earn enough money to survive. In the process, the children grow up to be law-abiding and tax paying citizens who support the state as well. According to functionalists, this will be a successful system if all the social institutions…

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