Sociological Analysis: 30 Days Illegal Immigration

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Angelica De Los Reyes
Sociology 300

30 Days-Illegal Immigration

It is easy to judge someone just by looking at them. But once you live in their shoes to experience their life you will have a completely different opinion. Frank is a minute man who patrols the border. Frank is from Cuba but was able to get into the United States legally because his father worked for American sugar company. Although they had to leave everything behind they were able to get a chance to live the American dream. There was no amnesty or asylum during the time Frank immigrated to the United States. Therefore he believes that if you come into the United States illegally, you should be sent back to your country for breaking the law. To try to change Frank’s perspective,
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But to Frank, illegally coming into another country in a crime. Their views were very distinctive from one another. Although Frank was very strong opinionated, his mind started to change about his views as more time he spends with the family. Frank says, “You know they’re not suppose to be here yet you feel for them.” Frank sees how caring and passionate the mom is about giving her children something to be happy for despite the circumstances they are put in, he sees the humanness in her. Instead of just seeing them as “immigrants” he starts to see them as actual people. To get an even greater sense of what immigrants have to go through, Frank goes to Mexico to visit the family’s country. After seeing their old home, Frank says, “It brings a tremendous aspect of what they would be going back to”. He now starts to understand why people immigrate to America. At the end of the show Armida asks Frank if he will still continue to be a minute men but he says that it will be strange for him to continue working at the border. Frank says, “I walked away with another perspective with human beings.” After spending time with the immigrant family and seeing …show more content…
history and this limits their involvement in society. Latino Americans experience such injustice due to them wanting to endure the American dream. The pursuit of happiness in the United states is what the country has been based on since the founding of the land. Immigration is what defined American culture, creating the diversity of America today. To think that the Whites migrated into America, and were once immigrants to this land, that they would discriminate Hispanics for wanting to migrate into American is an example of the inequalities of this world. They make it seem as though they are coming into the country, trying to invade and bring harm. When in reality they are just seeking a better life, on the other hand, the white man migrated into spaces and brutally massacred races and created turmoil. All Americans should be offered the same

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