How Immigration Impacted American Society Essay

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Analyze politically, socially and economically to what extent immigration impacted American society from 1865 to 1898.

The United States has always been a mixing pot, immigrants from all over the world have been coming with a common goal to better themselves and their families. Nonetheless, immigrants had never had it easy to succeed in a foreign society, the time period 1865 to 1898 was no the exemption. Irish, Russians, Greeks, Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, Chinese and Bohemians among many other were coming to the union to face prejudices from “true Americans”. Immigration caused a strain in society since the government would not help immigrant at any point under any circumstance, the gap between the rich and the poor grew as immigrants remain at the bottom, as an overall result American society was negatively impacted by poor working and living conditions as well as American principles weaken.

Since the establishment of America as a royal town in 1607 in Jamestown immigration hasn’t stopped, it began as forced migration and then a couple of
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Immigrants also struggled they tolerate inhumane living conditions as well as unsafe and unfair working conditions just so they can survive. Jacob Riis open the eyes of many Americans after the publication of the “home” of an immigrant, it was a crowded apartment with no electricity and no furniture or anything that made it comfortable. These circumstances were caused as a result of low wages for immigrants since many immigrants were uneducated and needed the money, the contractor took advantage and made work long hours for little pay. The purpose of document one is to show how Americans were taking advantage of immigrants, Americans were getting richer thanks to immigrants while immigrants remained at the bottom of the

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