Socioeconomic Status, Education, And Parenting Styles Essay

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Socioeconomic status, education, and parenting styles are all important elements in child development. Lets now discuss what types of development children experience. Here we will look closely at a parents influence on a child 's physical development which includes physical activity. Cognitive development which encompasses how we think and learn. Emotional development that looks closely at how children react or learn to react to social situations and social development that addresses interaction with peers.
When we think of physical activity sports and exercise are at the forefront of our minds. However, physical activity involves so much more and is necessary for adolescence to continue advancing muscle and brain functions. Parents can influence the physical behavior of their children in several ways. One way is to enforce set times for television and video games. Restricting the level of media use in a child can help ensure a child remains physically active. Television, internet and video games can consume much time and has little to no physical involvement. Parents should also encourage children to do small things like walks to the mailbox or local park. Children growing up in homes where activity is consistent tend to be more physically active in their adult life. Physical activity in moderation is a contributor to the reduction of diseases like diabetes and obesity. Children who are physically active do better in cognitive development due to the ongoing challenges to…

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