Socioeconomic Status And Pre K Involvement Essay

1113 Words Apr 30th, 2015 null Page
Although socioeconomic status and pre-K involvement both clearly correlate to kindergarten readiness in urban areas and particularly within Memphis, there are other, larger urban processes at work within the setting of urban Memphis. One of these processes is urban psychology. Urban psychology relates the interactions of the people to their surroundings and how these interactions shape the children. These surroundings for a pre-kindergarten child can include the home environment, which has already been described as extremely stress and even potentially toxic for lower SES families by Katy Spurlock, and the pre-K or daycare environment (2015). Most authors, including Burchinal et al., focus much more on the pre-K and daycare environment as the major impactors in a child’s life as opposed to the home environment because there is little that can be done in a relatively quick manner to alter the home environment of these children (2010). As attending a sort of pre-K program has been empirically shown to aid children in their cognitive and social skills, this is the psychological surrounding that research needs to focus on in order to make significant changes in the success of today’s children. The quality of classroom or child care environment has been determined as a large factor in the success of a child in school for two reasons: One, the level of instruction provided by the teacher to the child in reading and math, along with other core competencies, seemed to be improved…

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