Essay on Sociocultural Perspectives On Sociocultural Identities

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Sociocultural Identities. People are always wearing different identity hats in different situations. A sociocultural perspective views identity “as dynamic and constantly changing across time and space” (Norton, 2006). In addition, Holland, Lachicotte, Skinner, and Cain (1998) assert that people construct their identities within contexts of “figured worlds” or what they call “identity in practice” (p. 271). Skinner, Valsiner and Holland (2001) also indicate that “without this knowledge (of figured world), it is difficult to understand the shifts or readings of events that the narrators construct or the reasons why they orchestrate voices as they do” (p. 13). In this respect, identities are built within the situated context where individuals act and interact while they are living and conducting cultural practices. In addition, Vasudevan, Schultz and Bateman (2010) shared similar argument that “people take on identities in relation to context and experience. The identities are not intrinsic or separate from social contexts and interactions; rather they are embodied and enacted in practice” (p. 445). This suggests that identities are not only constructed within the contexts individuals situate, but inevitably shaped by individuals’ previous as well as current experience. Moreover, as contexts vary, individuals may cap multiple identities while participating and engaging in a variety of social, cultural and linguistic activities. In this case, individuals’ identities are a mixed…

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