Socio-Psychology: Different Types Of Feelings And Emotions

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Every human being in this world will at experience different types of emotions and feelings during our lifetime. There are many types of emotions and feelings, which we can discuss at many different levels. In my socio-autobiography, my main focus will be focus on the sociological point of view. Our daily life and the social interactions that we have with other people create our emotions and feelings. “Imagine a world without emotions.”(Jack Barbalet, 2006,p.51). In this essay, I will discuss the types of emotions such as foundational emotions and secondary emotions, and how love, gender and family have impact on our feelings and emotions sociologically.

Sociologists nowadays believe that neither biology nor society has the full responsibility
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The life of people from books that I read was something that I expected it should happen in a love relationship. I always hope that I can find my prince and I will be his princess, we will live a happy life and have a happy ending just like all the fairytales that I read when I was a kid. As I grow up, I get more and more interested in the types of love relationship people have and I started to wonder if it was the same like the ones I read in the fairytales, so I started to watch television shows and love dramas or movies. The type of love relationship that is presented in the movies and dramas is almost exactly the same as the ones that I read from the books when I was young. So I am surer that all the love relationships should be like this, this is what I am looking for and it’s what my future relationship going to be like. But after I have been into a relationship, I realized that things are not the way that I expected it to be like from what I get from the media. Everyone will have the feeling of love at some point in their life, but not everyone will have it the same way with each …show more content…
We all care about our family and our parents. Good relationship with our family will lead us to success. For example, my family is also a big factor on my emotion. When I was young, I lived with my both of my parents. They took care of me and I relied on them for almost everything. At the age of 10, we moved to New Zealand, we were poor, we lived in a very small house, but we were a very happy family, I felt like I had the whole world. But at the age of 18, they divorced, and dad decided to move to another country. I stayed here in New Zealand. I felt like my whole world has shattered. I felt like they did not love me and want me anymore. They will have their own life without me. I put myself into depression for a while. I did not felt like to do anything during that time. After a while of sadness and depression and after a long chat with my parents regarding this, I have realize that it does not matter that whether they are together or not, they are still my parents, they will always love me. I should have a life of my own and should not be like this and let them worry about me. So I changed myself and start to do things that I am suppose to be doing to make them happy and not worrying. This is the example for the concept of family effect on emotions and feeling. It has a very big impact on me, as I think that family is a very important part to be. And it always will

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