Socio-Economic Factors And Good Health

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The coherence between socio-economic factors and good health has been observed over a few decades and, that the socio –economic factors have a massive impact on the health of the individual are not new. Today, the Government UK provides a range of health campaigns, to alert the public to live healthier. Health promotions in schools, children centre, and community centre or in the hospital taking place. Such for example,” the fit for life campaign, “where the main focus is to eat healthy food. However, there are still barriers which have an influence on the behaviour of the individual, to take part by health promotions. Therefore, it is important to have a look where does the individual come from, to understand their behaviour.
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For example, for Muslims it is forbidden in their religion, to drink alcohol and to smoke cigarettes. This is a good health belief as smoking and alcohol is the biggest enemy of the body which can cause further diseases such, for example cancer.
Another example, in some countries it is common to breastfeed babies two years long as it is seen as a benefit for the child. Interesting to say is, long-term breastfeeding reduce the risk to get breast cancer. Therefore, is breastfeeding a good health belief as it can reduce the risk to get breast cancer. However, to chance the behaviour of the individual regards his health it is necessary that the person feels personally addressed to the disease. There are different health theories, one of them is the self-efficacy theory according to Bandura (1977). This theory applies if the individual is not satisfied with his current health condition. For example, the individual is overweight and have difficulty to find, for example clothes. The situation is frustrating, therefore the individual will consider if a diet will make changes to his life. (Expectation of the outcome).Furthermore the individual will wondering if he is able to start the diet, (expectation of
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The tobacco industry lose millions of pounds yearly if people stop smoking. But not only the tobacco industry benefits if the individual smokes .Also the pharma industry profited from the result, that people getting sick , expensive treatments can be sale. The health promotion to stop drinking alcohol, has an massive financial impact on discos, bars, pubs ,restaurants and other public places where people usually go to join their free time. The government says it is not allowed to drive and to drink, therefore the individual will consider the possible consequences and visit those places less.
Furthermore, the government increase the tax for alcohol and cigarettes which have another financial impact on the alcohol and tobacco industry. The prices for alcohol and tobacco rise which leads at the end to that addicted people have to face this issue. Addicted people will pay any price to for their habit, this can have a massive negative impact on their environment. For example, according to Nursery world (2015),”smoking puts nearly half a million children into poverty in the UK, because of their parents smoking habit. The financial burden put on low-income families by smoking, which reduce the income available basic household and food

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