Society 's Moral Code Of Society Essay

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Superheroes have become the role models for many young people around the world. Superheroes are seen as the justice seekers, who will defeat the villains. Villains and anti-heroes on the other hand are seen as the bad guys as their name says so but, usually is because what they do usually goes against society’s moral code. Magneto for example, is someone who is seen as a villains who outright kills anyone who stands in his way, but he does so because he wants his kind to be able to live free of fear and oppression. He follows a moral code or a rational reasoning in the actions he does. Superheroes are shown to have great self-restraint in order to fight evil. Batman for example, is someone who will do his best to never cross the line of killing a criminal, he only wants to get justice for those who have been wronged. Superheroes as well as villains and anti-heroes can be seen as moral examples because they are people who show great discipline and seem to follow a code of conduct that dictates everything that they do, and why they do it.
In order to understand why superheroes can be moral examples for society, we have to answer one simple question, what is a superhero? Well one simple answer is that superheroes are people who have extraordinary powers and they use those powers to help society. However, not all superheroes have super powers, nevertheless most of them live by a rigid moral code so they don’t cross the line between good and evil. An example of a superhero that…

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