Socialization In My Family Essay

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Family is the most important part of who we are. Our family is supposed to be there for emotional support. From them we acquire our specific social position in society. If your family is rich then you are in a different social class than if they are middle class or poor. My family life has changed a lot in my lifetime. They have always been supportive and would always give me the best they could. I was very spoiled, and raised to act like a “lady” not a “tramp”. What I meant by that is, that I was supposed (and still am) to act sophisticated, girly and everything pretty. If I dared to run with my friends while playing I would get yelled act because ladies with “class” do not run like “horses”. What a great logic to look at it, isn’t it!? As …show more content…
Television and social media networks are our number one influence. Television as a matter of fact is the medium with the greatest socialization effect. It does an amazing job bringing negativity, and although there is a lot of positive things going on, mass media tends to focus more on the violent, negative side of things (violent tv shows, sad news…etc.). Thanks to the television I learned that my body wasn’t perfect and that I should do whatever was on my power to make it perfect. I wasn’t skinny, didn’t have blue eyes or blonde hair and my breasts weren’t big enough. That was when my body image issues started to come out, by age 14 I had develop a “binge eating disorder” and “Bulimia”, I would starve myself to the point that I couldn’t resist anymore and I would have to eat something, but then I would eat an unhealthy amount of food and finally I would feel awful about myself and I would make myself throw everything I had eaten up. It took me roughly years to learn how love myself just the way I was and understand why loving myself was so

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