Essay on Social Workers Applying Theory Into Their Ordinary Situation

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Social workers applying theory into their ordinary situation is helpful when working alongside clients, who may be facing a difficult time. Theories provide social workers with the knowledge of an individual 's situation, relationship, surroundings, and needs. Applying theories can initiate vital information about the individual and enable social workers to provide support networks to ensure their client 's safety and well-being is taken care off. For instance, ecological perspective and strengths perspective are two types of different theories in social work that look at clients: situation, relationship, surroundings, needs and strengths. In this way, looking at the positives rather than negative enhances the individual to look at what they have achieved and to build on their strengths. Also looking at the limitations and strengths of my chosen theories will be discussed to ensure the positives and negatives of ecological perspective and strength perspective relate to the case study provided.
The case study involves a 21-Year-old Maori man named Tama who has had a rough upbringing in society and has become dependent on the use of alcohol and drugs. The influence of alcohol and drugs has affected Tama to find employment, currently homeless and has trouble with law enforcements due to pending charges without a license. Tama is looking for assistance to make a change due to his Lawyer, Mr Tremborne, suggested to Tama to show the courts that Tama is attempting to deal with…

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