Social Worker Interview Paper

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Interview Two
I have decided to interview these two people I know. Because I know they are both Social Workers and they are happy in their professional. Victor and Jaclyn are mutual friends. Victor Inspired Jaclyn to become a Social Worker. Jaclyn (2016). They provide me with information that help me become better and will help me in my career. After the interview I was more motivated to become a Clinical Social Worker.
Victor comes from a dysfunctional family and bypassing this he has decided to become a social worker. His life experience has helped him decided to pursue the career Social worker. He has worked in several fields from Case, manager to home health care. He told me there is a big need for social workers. He recommends me several
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Victor (2016) I got me thinking that when you think about a Social Worker profession you tent to see more women’s than men. I think when it comes to men they tend to be more a profession that pay more and profession that they don’t have to deal with problems. However, a minority of men have the desired to help others and become Social Work.
The only part that is holding me still thinking about if I should pursue a Social Worker is the pay. I know Victor and Jaclyn they mention they can pay the bills. If I decided to get a master and wait to get my license how I will pay for graduate school and my student loans.
In conclusion After I did the interview it opens my eyes to see the world differently. To look Social Work in a different concept. Victor and Jaclyn help me understand Social Work better. They encourage me to become a Clinical Social worker. I am glad to have them in my life and I know if I need help or have questions of Social Worker they will be there to help me in my career path. For me the best part of the interview it was learning that Jaclyn was inspire by Victor (Jaclyn,2016) and that they graduate from the same University. I like when Victor mention that he thinks Jesus started Social Worker. Victor

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