Social Worker Does Not Have A Sense Of Self Awareness Essays

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It’s important to be cognizant of personal issues and also family-of-origin issues in one’s own clinical practice. When working with clients the social worker needs to have a clear understanding of their selves in order to fully help the client to the best of their abilities. If the social worker fails to identify limitations based off of family-of-origin issues or personal issues then according to Sheafor and Horejsi (2012), “The self-awareness one develops refers to an accurate perception of one’s own beliefs, values, attitudes and habits and how they might influence decisions and behavior in social work practice”(p. 427). If the social worker does not have a sense of self-awareness when it comes to personal issues then it can have negative effects on the clients and can hinder the social workers ability to fully serve the customer. One’s family-of-origin is very important to the individual as a whole. Family is very important in the make up on an individual, because the family unit teaches us things such as how to communicate, how to handle certain situations, basic customs, traditions, explicit and implicit knowledge, as well as socialization to name a few. People learn values, beliefs, and morals from their families as well. With that being said every individual or social worker has been a part of a family that have both positive and negative aspects as well. A person’s family provides an environment that is conducive for one to grow from an infant into an adult with…

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