Essay on Social Worker And Social Work

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Each individual goal plays an important role throughout the social work community. Also, not everyone possess the qualities it takes to be a social worker. When someone reflects the ability to withstand the demanding needs of being a social worker they must strive to reform the quality of life. With that being said, “Social betterment, is a central value of the social worker” (Morales, Sheafor, & Scott, 2007, p. 36). Social workers in their mission to provide Social improvements, they also make assistance available to the community that works collaboratively in reinforcing the well-being of society. Over the span of social works effort to integrate throughout the changes to society, a social workers largest concern has consistently focused on providing support to those who stand at a lower ranking in the eyes of the public and who are unable to sustain proper care of themselves or their families. Thus, as social betterment addresses the issues concerning the underprivileged, and battered with improving the parts of their lives that need attention; social functioning thrives to develop effective ways for individuals to interact with other persons within private and communal settings. Equally, it is a social workers concern to aid humanity in adjusting to the perpetually changing environmental factors that are proven to have an effect on the morals of society. Not all “people can adapt to the expansion of technology, information, the rapidly growing population, and…

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