Social Work And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Social workers can be pulled in a multitude of directions in regards to job descriptions, job duties, and populations served, all woven together with a common thread of helping others. Helping those without a voice and those who are suffering from social unjust. Social work is implemented to help empower people to empower others to create a community that is thriving and promotes a healthy environment to all. (1A): A definition of social work would be to help people help themselves, understanding that people are capable of change and adaptation. Social work is to be able to identify barriers and inequalities and help people and communities either eliminate the barrier or assist the individual or population work around the obstacle. The value inherent in this definition of social work, is of integrity and service. Social workers need to be consciously aware of themselves, their personal bias as well as their mission in order to further assist others. Without this compass of integrity, it can result in harm of others, intentionally or not. (1B): To prepare for competent practice, knowledge of social work values are integral to be able to perform ethically as a social worker. Knowledge necessary to prepare for the social work profession is understanding that structurally our society has barriers which creates inequalities for individuals and communities. This knowledge base is related to a systems perspective through the ecological perspective theory, as it identifies a…

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