Social Stigma Of Women And Women Essay

832 Words Nov 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Since the start of evolution, it is evident that women are seen subordinate to men. Females have been given the impression that they are the nurturers, while males are the provider which gives them power. In history males have always been the dominant ones, who have jobs that are considered to be "manly" while the women have jobs that are "better-suited" for their gender. Overtime it was necessary for groups of women to form and fight for equal rights, known as Feminism. Within recent year 's women, eventually, have gained equality to some degree, but of course will always encompass some sort of social stigma. Politics is the most essential institution that maintains order and demonstrates the values and beliefs of Canada. The government is run by citizens and therefore a variety of people should be involved in the controlling of society. As a female living in the world where women are considered to be part of a minority, it is important to prove to men that women deserve equal treatment. The amount of women involved in politics is minute when compared to males. Females are less occupied in politics due to socialization of gender, traditions, and opportunities. Since birth, people are socialized according to biological gender. From the moment the newborn enters the world they are either wrapped in a pink blanket if they are a girl or blue blanket if they are a boy. Young girls are guided to choose jobs that are more fostering such as Nursing, Teaching, Social Work, and…

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