How Is Princess Cimorene Justified In Dealing With Dragons

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Princess Cimorene, in the book Dealing with Dragons, Cimorene is expected to follow the social norms of her time. The setting of the book is the medieval times. Even, though Cimorene is a princess she doesn’t act like she is expected too, and is justified in not following the expectations.
Cimorene is justified to show apathy towards the expectations of her time because she is not given the right to make her own choices.Her parents were forcing her to marry someone she didn’t want to marry. The book states in page 7 “We knew you’d be pleased, dear,” her mother said, nodding.” “he’s such a good-looking boy.” “But I don’t want to marry Prince Therendil,” Cimorene said.”. Not only were they forcing her to marry someone indiscreet, without telling
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The kingdom suppressed her decisions of learning what she wanted to learn and only let her learn what she was expected to learn. Not only that, but none of what she was forced to learn was useful. Cimorene was taught skills that could impress people like dancing, embroidery , drawing, and etiquette, but they didn’t let her learn useful things like cooking, or learning magic. After talking with the frog, the frog learned Cimorene has no special abilities, Dealing with dragons states “The frog looked at her disapprovingly.” “Can’t you do anything.”. It shows that she was restrained so much that the princess had to take the advice of a frog because she was disoriented. The book also shows that most princesses become empty headed because of what they are not and are taught. Dealing with Dragons states in page 61. The books states “He probably thinks that you’re as silly as most princesses, so he’ll be hoping to trick you into giving him whatever it is he’s after.”. That mean that princesses are not known for their intelligence, and are regarded as dumb. Kazul also probably indirectly states that princesses have vanity. Cimorene was actually made less smart when she stayed in the kingdom. That would have made her a bad future ruler of the kingdom. This even furtherly supports why Cimorene was justified in renouncing her place as …show more content…
Since the prince she was going to marry was Therindil it meant that she didn’t relay have someone to save her. Therindel was unreliable because he wasn’t really valent at all and he was obviously afraid of dragons, and was callow. Therindel didn’t have prowess when it came to being a knight. After Cimorene tells Therindel that she is looking for hen’s teeth in Kazul’s treasure chest Therindel helps her. However, he almost on purpose opens a lead stopper jar. He still ends up opening the jar by being careless. Dealing with dragons states in page 116 “If you insist,” Thernidel said, shrugging.” “He pulled on his dagger, and twisted the handle.” “The dagger came free, and the lead stopper along with it.”. It also shows he is reckless since he didn’t think of what would happen if he twisted the dagger’s handle. If Therindil can’t be trusted to not open a dangerous jar, than he can’t be trusted with saving the princess's life. Cimorene was in some way safer by running away from the kingdom, and not following the kingdom's expectations. Also, running away aloud her to learn to defend herself, which supports her justified decision. One example of this is when a bird tries to grab Cimorene to feed her to the bird’s nestlings, but Cimorene uses her sword to defend herself. The story states in page 111 “You killed me?” the

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