Social Service And Child Protective Services Essay

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Mr. Bassett reports having a gross income of approximately $56, 000 a year. He receives $275.00 a month in Federal retirement and makes between $3-$5,000 a month extra from his job on the golf course. Mrs. Bassett reports a Social Security Income of $1357 a month and approximately $960 from her savings plan on Nexium. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bassett report they are in the middle income bracket. Parents info should be here too

Foster Care and Child Protective Services: There is currently no history of involvement with the Department of Social Services. Ryan has never been removed from the home and placed in care. He has been allowed, due to his offenses, to stay with his maternal grandparents in the Carrolton section of Virginia. Ryan has never run away from home and he has no out of home placements.


Currently, Ryan is enrolled in school full-time as an ? grader. He is currently receiving home bound instruction. In the last three months, Ryan has attended school regularly and there has been an overall improvement in his behavior. Ryan 's general attitude toward education is positive; he believes there is a definite benefit to his education and somewhat believes the school environment is encouraging and supportive. There are many positives in the school situation; Ryan is involved in one school activity name activity. Ryan feels close to two school staff members name staff/title. Ryan has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder…

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