Social Sciences And On Human Behavior ( Baran & Davis ) Essay

875 Words May 1st, 2016 4 Pages
ion One Social sciences aim to explain variation in human behavior (Baran & Davis, 2011). They attempt to explore, explain and predict specific social phenomenon. They seek to find regularities and patterns in the way people live, interact, socialize and behave. For instance, sociologists aspires to understand how the social structures, family, schools, churches or interest groups, influence human attributes such as religiosity, voting or caring for each other. If one accepts the fact that social sciences look for real, objective and parsimonious descriptions, explanations and predictions of the social world around us, then the best theoretical perspective available for the production of this body of knowledge is the Post-positivist approach (Baran & Davis, 2011). I, as an aspiring mass communications scholar, wholeheartedly embrace the ontology, epistemology and methodology of the post-positivist approach in my work. At the moment, I am planning on conducting my Masters’ essay project, which aims to explore whether deterrence works in garnering employees ’compliance with social media policies in governmental agencies in Saudi Arabia. In planning my research, I assume that the best approach to find an answer for my question is to apply the principles of the scientific method, conceptualization, operationalization, measurement, data collection and analysis, with the realization that there is a real answer to my question that could be reached through objective investigation.…

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