Action Research: Self-Protested Constructionist Epistemology

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This was an action research project conducted by a high school science teacher. She took a self-proclaimed constructionism epistemology. In regards to the epistemology, the study’s parameters were governed by the social environment. The study took place in the author’s 10th grade biology classroom, this was a natural setting for both the researcher and participants of the study. The research was conducted using qualitative methods, such as, interviews, observations, and participant. The methodology used was action research. The research questions posed in the study did not really question the educational system, and the way the data was presented did not strike me as persuasive. The area of focus that the author took lacked authority. Her main purpose in part was to socially and ecologically induce moral growth for students, providing a safe environment where they could be more aware of values, intake connections between biology and …show more content…
Juenemann, quoted seven scholars, but included too many “I” statements in the delivery. The author’s theoretical framework was flawed. She used random quotes from different articles to support her purpose for the study. She kept reiterating the need for students to work together and did provide some evidence to support this, as she quoted the scholars. However, it was not relevant to the research questions she was originally studying. The one positive about the information provided was as the article progressed, the beginning of the article started to make for sense. She need to work of the structure of her action research plan, efficiently following the dialectic action research spiral (identify an area of focus, collect data, analyze and interpret data, and then develop an action plan (p.513). Juenemann seemed to conduct the plan first then evaluate later. On the plus side she has now developed her plan and should test the results again, since she has better facilitated approaches to

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