Social Problems Afflicting America Essay

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How often do you think about when your next meal will be? If you are the average American, the answer will most likely be “In the couple of hours.” But there is a good chance that you might also be one of the fifty million Americans that would most likely answer “I don’t know… whenever I can afford it, I guess.” Roughly every one in six Americans would have some sort of response like the one presented, because that is how many are considered food insecure. This is obviously one of the most important social problems afflicting America in modern times, but what can be done about it? A Place at the Table tells three main scenarios: Barbie (a struggling mother of two), Rosie (a fifth grader living meal to meal), and Tremonica (an asthmatic and obese second grader who must eat the empty calories that her mother can afford) (Colicchio & Jacobson, 2012). Each of these stories relate on a deeper level than just hunger, they relate through health, through family, and through poverty. Health is what keeps a human functioning. Without a proper balance, it becomes hard to function. Barbie, Rosie, and Tremonica all have health issues in their scenarios. Barbie’s son has struggled with health issues since he was born, his checkups and treatment are a big chunk of change from her wallet, which could go towards better food. Rosie has missed several days and finds it hard to focus due to her health and hunger. Tremonica is not only asthmatic but also obese which is a gateway to several…

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