Social Policy For A Non Profit Organization Essay

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In seeking to understand social policy it is imperative that we understand why there is a need to comprehend such policy. Social policy affects individuals, communities and society in direct and in-direct ways on micro and macro levels. As a future social work professional understanding social policy and how it is created assists in achieving an important value of the profession- social justice. By understanding social policy, social work professionals can help break down the barriers that policy can put up, and in collaborating with clients identify gaps in social policy. An advocate that is well versed in social policy understands the processes that policy goes through therefore knows that there are ways to encourage social policy change. One way of becoming knowledgeable about social policy is by researching, analysing and critiquing it. In this essay I will be creating a policy brief regarding a policy at a non-profit organization. The non-profit organization that I chose is The Salvation Army (TSA), New Hope Centre (NHC) which is a men’s emergency homeless shelter that I am employed at. In this paper I will be providing an overview of the policy I have chosen, as well as provide information regarding the policy development. From there I will analyse the policy by addressing which ideology the policy reflects, and why. Then I will go on to explore my perspective of the policy including whether it is achieving what it intended to, and if it takes into account diversity of…

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