The Pros And Cons Of Social Policy

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What is social policy? According to text in Burger (2014) the Random House Dictionary (1978), stated “is a guiding principle or course of action adopted toward an objective or objectives.” The word social, according to the same dictionary, refers to “the life, welfare, and relations of human beings in a community.” Gil (1981) summed it up very well when he wrote that “social policies are a special type of policies, namely, policies which deliberately pertain to the quality of life and to the circumstances of living in society, and to intra- societal relationships among individuals, groups, and society as a whole” (p.13). Titmus (1974) makes it clear that the study of social …show more content…
They were ideas for survival that assured food, shelter, and protection against predators, hostile groups, and hostile environments. Physical survival was the target. The achievement of the ideas depends on the mutual attempt of the family or tribe. Without these attempts, individual survival was endangering. Burger, (2014), p.274. Burger (2014) As families or tribes adjust in one place and developed villages of relative permanence, and as populations expand more of the support necessary for survival was provided by the kinship. In different situations, those without a family were still able to live if only marginally. When communities grew even substantial more involved, organized religion began to prove support to those who had no family or whose family did not have the money or capability to prove the needed support. Caring for the mentally ill, homeless children, the physically disabled, and the hungry became a big concern of organized religion. Humanitarian efforts seemed to prevent the chaos and fights that often results from threats to improve the life of those in need also eliminated a threat to the existing power structure. Substantial numbers of hungry, desperate people were repeatedly candidates for riot and rebellion. Burger, (2014),

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