Social Paradox Of Love Essay

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Our current social paradox of love has left many us 20 somethings that are looking for their “forever thing” quite disappointed. From high school sweethearts, college romances, night life hook-ups and tinder dates, we’ve managed to become the masters none and the Jackass’ of them all. Nothing seems to work, possibly because the same people we meet on Tinder are the same people attending we're universities and hitting the town with. Our perspective and mentality on love is up for discussion, not the places we’re meeting. This mentality has left us 20+ year olds heartbroken and with little to no vestige left for the idea of a social reconstruction of love. Men and women all across are screaming the same thing, “These ****** ain’t shit!”
While I have
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The justification behind infidelity, ordinarily, is the admittance of once having a broken heart. This has created a cycle of broken hearts producing a society of disloyalty and non-commitment. So many of us are hurting from the pain we’ve endured and afraid of the karma due as a direct response of our actions. Left believing we can’t count on anyone for closeness and warmth, that love is temporary and reason to avoid traditional roles of commitment, parenthood, and marriage. The damage still seeps out. It’s notable in the abandonment, debasement, and violence we inflict upon ourselves, our spouses, our lovers.

We are all flawed and looking for a glimmer of hope in finding warmth and an everlasting love without worries of infidelity. We are a complex people and it’s never something to apologize for. Learning to live in our truth and acknowledging our flaws is the first step. Learning to love and forgive ourselves is the next step only followed by learning to forgive others. Carrying the burden of pain prevents you from allowing yourself to love and for you to be loved. I had to forgive my father, ex-lovers and myself so that I am able to find love without being the BAG

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