Social Norms In Society Essay

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Amber DeSantis
Sociology 101-05
Dr. Whitlinger
January 28, 2016
What is considered normal? Different cultures and societies have different ideas of what is considered to be normal. In America, there are many different social “norms.” According to culture and socialization, there are sets of beliefs, traditions, symbols, and practices specific to a collectivity. Within culture there are material and nonmaterial sub-categories. Specifically, within the non-material cultures, social norms come into play. Norms and values begin to be the main focus of society, which are either moral beliefs or established standards of behavior maintained by society. If we take a closer look into the social norms of society, we will come to find that they have
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Women are generally stereotyped by society, in which, they are should always be perceived as feminine. According to society it is a women’s unspoken duty to wear makeup, dress feminine, and be feeble. These are only a few of the many unwritten social norms for women within society. In reference to wearing makeup, women are socially inclined to represent themselves in a way that society has created. Wearing makeup is seen as a beauty enhancer and self-esteem builder. Society has influenced women into thinking they look better with makeup on and it will appeal to others. Often times, makeup does do wonders, but it is not necessary to convince others of beauty. If women are seen in public without makeup, they are perceived as either lazy, ugly, or in some cases just generally ignored. Makeup hides true beauty from the world, in order to appeal to others. The idea of being “done up” by makeup socially describes women as being feminine. If one is seen without this feminine aspect, they are not considered socially …show more content…
Women are perceived by society to dainty and reserved. Lastly, women are meant to be the feebler of the two genders. Women are not meant to do the “heavy lifting” or “wear the pants” within society, according to social norms. Just as women are expected to dress nice and wear makeup, they are also expected to be the homemaker. The man is expected to do the tough and rough work, while the women is there for moral support. Women who are considered to be rough and tough, the majority of the time, are not considered to be feminine. They are considered to be very manly and buff. Women are meant to keep their composure and be dainty enough to handle the situations, in which, men are not meant to be associated with. As society has grown, so have the social norms, in which, people tend to follow. These norms are the structure and shape of society, so we continue to be organized and

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