Essay about Social Networking Is Beneficial?

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Some would say a world without social networking is a place nobody would wish on their worst enemy. Although critics have their opinions on whether or not social networking is useful or not, it has became very popular among people of all ages. The benefits outway the concerns. Social networking is beneficial because it allows instant communication, provides information for all, and promotes businesses.
What exactly is social networking some may ask? According to Lauri S. Friedman, "Social networking occurs via web-based sites or services that allow people to create personal profiles and then communicate or share content with other users of the site or service" (100). Social networking has recently became a well known tool that many use for multiple reasons. Although there are thousands of websites that some use, Facebook and Twitter are the major kings of the social networks ("How Social Networks"). When people think of getting on social media, they often think of these two popular websites. Facebook was formed in 2004 and now has over one billion active users every month ("How Social Networks"). Twitter was formed in 2006 and has also became one of the most popular websites ever. ("How Social Networks"). So why has it became popular all over the world? Referring to Webb City multimedia teacher, Bruce Vonder Harr states that its an easy way to communicate with others and to see what others are up to in their lives. Instead of having to plan dates with friends and family to…

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