Essay On Effects Of Social Network On Students

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Social network and its effects on the lives of students
Since the dawn of human civilization, establishing cultural and societal connection via forms of communication has remained to be a crucial aspect of life. For instance, Ancient Egyptians communicated by the art of symbolism. Down the line, Greeks civilization developed writings along with the use of tablet. As the human civilization becomes more sophisticate in behavior, others forms and techniques of communication were developed. People were switching to the use of letters, telegraph and telephone. Until one day, the internet appears. To an extent, it is safe to say that the internet has given birth to a new age of technology and made tracks for future innovation. Social network is born
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Before the existence of the Internet, relationships are formed by the concept of letters introduction and physical communication between one to another. Nowadays, such physical interaction is not necessary a requirement in social network. Put differently, people are able to make friends and develop relationships despite of the distance or cost that once hindered them in the past. In the report “Social Media, Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital Lives”, Victoria Rideout wrote that less socially adept youth enjoyed social network as it gives them a comfortable place to make friends (pg 43). Many networking site within the social network community allow people to find others who share similarity in interests. For students who are socially shy, communication via forms of social networking help increases their confidence. Interacting with others via a networking environment and sharing their interests as well as opinions allows them to get out of their comfort zone and slowly adapt into social interaction. In short, many students, especially those who are less quipped with social communication skill, are benefited by the use of social network for it helps students in adapting into the

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