Social Media In Modern Society

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Social media plays an ever-increasing role in modern society. Business use social media to advertise and expand their market; politicians use them to motivate potential voters and spread a message; and people all over the world use them daily. What started out as a means to catch up with old friends, has become a seemingly unstoppable force that has revolutionized the tech industry almost singlehandedly. MySpace was the first major social media platform to take off; and once its value was realized, the door was opened for dozens of other options. Mark Zuckerberg, a student at Harvard University, founded Facebook in 2004. Initially intended to allow fellow students to “connect” with one another, Facebook quickly became a social media giant. It spread to Universities all over the country, and then the world, and much to the dismay of many users, finally opened its site to anyone with a means of accessing the Internet. When something becomes as widely used as Facebook, it is to be …show more content…
Mr. Krzemien, a recent resident of Niceville noted, “Facebook is the perfect avenue through which lonely or depressed people can acquire “friends” and display to the world how amazing their life is.” It may sound negative but in actuality, some people need the satisfaction that comes with other people thinking their life is perfect. People can count “likes” that a bathroom selfie garners, or how many comments a vacation picture gets, and for many of them, it is important to that person’s self confidence. Mr. Krzemien continued, “As people become more and more connected online, we consequently become less connected in reality. The invention of things like the “selfie stick” provides evidence of the fact that people are more self-involved than ever before. For millions of people, receiving a Facebook “like” is more important than a congratulatory

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