Facebook: A Case Study: The Future Of Facebook

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Future of Facebook
Abimbola Odetoye
AMBA 670
University of Maryland, University College
6 September 2016

With more than 1.9 billion users in the world, Facebook is changing the lives of individuals around the world; connecting families, friendship, partners, and professionals. (Barnett, Han 2011)Facebook has expanded its connection amongst people of all ages and different cultures. The goal of this case study is to identify the future of Facebook, how it will stay ahead of competitors, enhance the policies and features, and innovate. (Barnett, Han 2011)
Facebook is the biggest form of social network on the internet, essentially centered around high school and university students, Facebook has been able to expand
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Throughout the years Facebook has enhanced its privacy settings which have to reduce the amount of people becoming reluctant to join the social site. (Barnett, Han 2011)
Innovation Strategies
Facebook plans to use different strategies to increase users and investors. They plan to grow the global user community; by focusing on developing consumer base over all around the world. (Barnett, Han 2011)This will be done by promoting more consumer procurement endeavors and upgrading the services; with a specific end goal to make Facebook more available and valuable. (Barnett, Han 2011)
• Facebook will focus on continuing to advance in social services to increase interaction worldwide. (Barnett, Han 2011)
• They will focus on innovation and how to engage business, users, and marketers using the mobile and web interface. (Barnett, Han 2011)
• Facebook will invest more in improving the features, for example, the news feed, groups, photos, and make the site more user-friendly.
• They will also enhance their consumer’s user experience by developing services and products that will enhance the social
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This can incorporate bringing onboard new services, or find innovative ways to get service into the consumer 's hands.
5. Moving into new geographies. (Mindtoolscom, 2016)
Facebook has excelled in this area and has grown internationally.
6. Creating a new industry structure. (Mindtoolscom, 2016)
Facebook still needs to find ways to enhance its structure which should involve utilizing cooperation and acquisitions to develop the business.
7. Opening up new competitive arenas. (Mindtoolscom, 2016)
The last level of development is for Facebook to look out for chances to broaden; with the goal to venture into new markets and enterprises. (Baghai, White 1996)
Facebook is an enormously fruitful type of social media that developed to quality in for all intents and purposes. Its components and services are exceptionally engaging and has changed the lives of so many individuals around the world. Facebook has been able to connect people of all types around the world both personal and business relationships. With proper enhancements and innovations; Facebook could be the only form of social media in the

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