Social Networking And Its Effects On Society Essay

1582 Words Mar 16th, 2015 7 Pages
The internet is arguably one of mankind’s greatest creations. Through the internet many great things are achieved such as social networking. In today’s society having some sort of social media account is almost mandatory as it has become an important communication tool. Social networking is great in many ways it has basically evolved how people connect with each other, allowing them to catch up people who they may have not seen in a while or those who live far away from them, while be able to quickly catch up on current events happening worldwide. As many people are embracing online interaction they are reducing their real life encounters, due to the easiness which comes from social networking. Consequently, social networking has created many interpersonal barriers between people as it lacks many of the connections made through face-to-face socializing. Through text, images and video chats many things are exchanged through people, but not the fulfillment which real life communication brings. Social networking is ruining meaningful relationships which people crave by creating emotionless connections through the loss of social skills, cyber harassment and misguided knowledge or relationships.
The increase in usage of social networking has greatly affected people ability to socialize with others. To fit into society a person must be able to have some communication skills, but as many people turn towards the online world for their daily dose of human interaction they find it…

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