Social Networking and Its Affects on Interpersonal Communication

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Social Networking:
Has it Taken the Place of Interpersonal Communication?

Kywra Carter
Nikki Sulcer

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past five years, welcome to the world of social networking. According to ComScore, over one billion people use social networking sites across the globe. That means that everyone who’s anyone has a page or account with twitter, myspace, facebook, skype or any of the other hundred emerging sites. People have discovered a better way to communicate with other people all over the world, far surpassing snail mail and e-mail. Why send a letter to your cousin living in France or pay outrageous money for a phone call to your brother stationed in the Middle
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With over 722 million people using the site as of 2009, they aren’t too many people you don’t know on there. You can also find old friends, check in on new ones, get involved with all types of activities, and on top of that it is free to use. So why bother with snail mail that may take days or emails that can be blocked, ignored, or even accidently discarded? With all the advantages, you tend not to take notice of the bad things involved with sites like facebook. Getting your account hacked can happen to anyone and once it has been infiltrated you usually have to delete and start fresh or run the risk of someone impersonating you. Other things like bothersome advertisements and program glitches can be a strain. This is not to say that you should not use such a site but that you should not forget the roots of communicating, and its’ benefits however slow they may be in coming.
Communicating with a relative that lives a great distance may not be difficult to do with just a telephone but it can prove very costly. If you happen to have a relative overseas, lets’ say France “it can cost you as much as a $1.77 a minute” to talk with them maybe even more “depending on your phone service provider.” (Federal Communications Commission Para. 2). In today’s recession who has that kind of money? If you want to use something

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