Social Media's Influence On Relationships

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Social media only sells the most exciting parts of love. These are shown by the in-the-moment pictures of always smiling and doing cute activities together. These pictures that are posted on social media are never plain jane, boring, or usual photos. They are all “goals” pictures displaying the perfect relationship. An example of this would be the countless amount of pictures on the popular social media pages that catch couples in the most affection poses and states of being. The pictures also portray what girls expect their dream guy to be.
However, one could argue that relationships in reality are similar because of the influence and encouragement the pictures on social media have. Social media has a large influence on young people. An article
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People aren’t always happy, even if they seem like they are. Several are terrific at only exhibiting the happy parts of their love life. No one knows how they feel about different aspects in their relationship. In some situations, these different aspects can bring out jealousy, worries, and living in the past. In the article titled “How Social Media Are Ruining Your Love Life,” Tyler Curry, an LGBT activist and columnist notes that at the beginning of hopeful new romances and relationships, both parties usually make an attempt to show their best side. Curry then notes that later on, “Suddenly you have burbling feelings of media have you living in the past” (Curry 1). This solidifies that as relationships prolong, stronger feelings get involved. Strong feelings lead to a variety of problems and issues because of the insecurities and fearfulness in losing that person. This is why jealousy, living in the past, and other unwanted feelings take over. When these feelings start to conquer the mind, people start to make decisions only to try and get over those feelings to pursue happiness. They might just post to make other people mad and jealous. For example, if their was an ex girlfriend that was jealous of her ex’s new girl, that girl might post just to rub it in and leave her statement. This goes to show that a number of people only use twitter, or other social media sites, just to get through to their followers. In an article titled, “The Positives and Negatives of Twitter: Exploring How Student-Athletes Use Twitter and Respond to Critical Tweets,” it is demonstrated that most student athletes claim to use twitter for three main reasons, all of which have to do with keeping up with what is going on and communicating with others. Similar to athletes on twitter, an abundant number of adolescents use twitter for the same reasons. Twitter enables them to see what is going on

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