Essay on Social Media

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Cameron Ray
Professor Barnett
SOC M/W 3 P.M.
24 November 2014
Putting On My Social Make-Up Since the day I was born, I was ascribed to take on the gender role of a male. The Norms that males are expected to follow are to be strong, take action, be competitive, have honor, to be a protector/provider, and to be hypermasculant. Males must also restrict their emotions, be self-reliant, be homophobic, and boast about sex. I undoubtedly followed the social structure and norms while growing up which ultimately shaped me to be the person I am today. School is another huge factor in shaping the roles of males, especially in middle school when children are beginning puberty and starting to notice girls. When I was in middle school I was
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At this point I have not tried any drugs and was being peer pressured to take a hit. I soon realized I was peer pressured but I knew I couldn’t take it back. During my senior year, I took sociology and a phycology class, which made me think differently about my life and the way society basically formed me the exact way it wanted. Because sociology and phycology has changed my perspective on my life, I became more aware of the social norms and the social structure of society. Because I started to be aware of how and why people act the way they do, I changed my life around so instead of trying to impress society, now I only try to impress myself. The new outlook on life made me feel that I was ready to graduate and take on the world… so I thought. College was completely different then high school because now you are on a huge campus with people at any random age, your professors don’t care if you show up to class or not, and you are on your own and away from the comfort of your parents. My experience of college was nerve racking because I realized that I was on my own with my whole life ahead of me. I moved into an apartment with two other guys I did

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