Essay on Social Media

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Integrated Learning Project I have chosen the option 2, which is about the social media. I chose this term because I think is something very interesting and it is in everybody´s life. A social network is a social structure where individuals are related. Relationships can be of different types, such as financial exchange, friendship, intimate relationships, among others. It is also used as a medium for interaction between different as chats, forums, online games, blogs, and so on. Has been said on several occasions about the importance of social media in building online reputation, but now we refer to the importance of the links on Facebook and Twitter have in achieving a good search engine optimization. Matt Cutts´ blog has confirmed …show more content…
Corporate social networking application involves the participation of clients or consumers in the development of products through various platforms. Many famous companies have realized that the power of social media is something bigger than them. All the critical can be very helpful or harmful for the companies’ products.
Almost everyone use social media nowadays. Business people use it in order to sell and advertise their products, other use it to build any type of relationship and so on. Everybody has something to gain about social media.
The social media is now the way to promote any type of product. The marketing through social media is used is huge and involves everyone. Facebook and Twitter are two of the most used social media to everyone and which are probably easier to expand or promote any type of product, as they are two of the most famous in the world. However, I think one of the best ways to promote Angels My Father Sent is YouTube. Making an easy video, where it show a brief summary about the history will be great. Making a smart summary can get easily involved many people. Another good way to promote this play is through Bloggers. People used to read lots of blogs and if they find something interesting they will share it with everybody. This type of social media are those that allow you to post any content to anyone for which it is available to anyone anywhere in the world at any time. These type of social media are

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