Social Media 's Influence On Women 's Magazines And How That Feeds Into What Our Society?

1378 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
In my action project I would like to show the way women are portrayed in 3-5 popular women’s magazines and how that feeds into what our society thinks of women and what women think of them. I will do that through a hard copy binder with clips of magazine articles and annotations of what they mean; along with quotes and other facts about self-harm and disorders caused by this misinterpreted way women are looked at by society through media. Magazines like Vogue, Shape, Us Weekly, Glamour, Allure, and Self and compare and contrast the effects they have on women from the ages of 12 all the way up to around 40 and how they are seen in today’s society. Fashion and gossip magazines tend to have an impact on the way women see themselves to the extent of affecting their lifestyles like causing eating disorders, depression, and even suicides and also the way women’s roles are portrayed (arm candy, moochers). There seems to be a trend of romanticized depression, of self-victimization ever since social media has became the social norm. The media including magazines impact not only women but men as well in the fact that some men have a more feminine side along with trans-genders and transsexuals which in magazines are never featured and are looked down upon and aren’t looked at as the “normal” and these men and women are having a hard time as it is so adding juicy gossip and comparing them to the “hottest women in America” and all of the best bodies in the world in one place doesn’t…

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