Social Media 's Influence On Consumer Behavior Essay

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Nowadays social media becomes part of a person 's life. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkIn has a numeral number of the user and keeps growing every day. Social media allows customers and prospects to communicate directly to your brand representative or about your brand with their friends. The number of social media users growing have attracted marketers. Marketers have recognized that social media marketing as an important part of their marketing communication strategies. Also, social media helps organizations to communicate with their customers. These interactions help marketers determine customer needs and understand what their market might look like. Key business factors of social media allow consumers to estimate products, make recommendations to contacts or friends, and share any of the purchases through their social media.

Communication through social media has found impact on consumer behaviour and
Marketing strategies. Consumer socialization theory predicts that communication among consumers affects their cognitive, affective, and behavioural attitudes. Also, the advertising on social media page has built new consumer’s behaviour. Consumers tend to make purchases or conduct business on social media.

Social media provide virtual space for people to communicate through which is an important agent of consumer socialization.

The relationship between social media and consumer decision-making present that social media affects advertising…

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