Social Media Self Esteem Essay

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Social Media; A Drain Of Self-Esteem.
Did you know most Americans spend 4.7 hours on social media a day (Lulu Chang)? That averages to 32.9 hours a week. As the years pass, more and more technology comes along, which provide us with different ways of interacting with social media. Social media is used for different things, such as keeping in touch with family/friends, entertainment, sharing information, or just to waste time. “For those who think their self-esteem is being influenced negatively by social media, Campbell says the most important thing to do is reconnect with your presence and your personal brand—that means unhooking from computer land (Jodie Gummow).” According to Jodie Gummow from alternet, social media can impact your self-esteem, negatively. Possibly the only way to do that would be to disconnect from social media and take time for you, and maybe try to find yourself again. Even though some people believe social media can’t affect you if you don’t check it, social media can have negative effects on a young adult 's self-esteem because it can
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FOMO is the fear of missing out on something or feeling of being left out from a certain. The Huffington post says FOMO on social media does affect people, especially ones who are constantly checking their feeds. “I 'm not quite sure if the fear of missing out on something is a trait you 're born with, develop through the years or is just a problem that 's come to light since social media became a part of our lives. One thing is for sure, though: social media makes that type of fear surface with every refresh of your Instagram feed (Stephen Mariani).” This quote states that social media has actually made the FOMO on something harder because you see people doing things without you. This supports my big argument because FOMO could stress you out because you feel like you should be there doing whatever you see

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