Social Media Overview Essay

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Social Media Overview of Nike
Nike has created awareness with the way it present and make use of social media sites. Presenting in this essay, is going to be an overview of how Nike make use of professional social sites. Nike operates its marketing system online through social sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Nike also has its own online blog which is Nike is making full and efficient use of social site in many ways in the sense they generally try to increase sales and show off (advertisement) their new products using social media. Nike’s Blog is been connected to each of the company’s social media account which it then uploads information about new products to update
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Nike official twitter account ( have over 5 million follower and it communicates with its customers to make sure customers get more attention. According to Moth (2013), Nike reportedly responds to over 100 tweets a day (Para. 3). Nike Company has different twitter accounts which are Nike @Nike, Nike Lab @Nikelab, Nike Basketball @Nikebasketball, Nike sportswear @Nikesportswear, Nike Golf @Nikegolf, Nike training @Niketraining, Nike football @Nikefootball. Nike @Nike twitter account basically is the official company’s account so it share videos, pictures and retweets thing from the its other accounts. It’s good for customers who doesn’t like following many accounts. The Nike Lab @Nikelab post things about new products such as cloths, sneakers and sportswear. It is more about advertising new product trending online and often time its gives instruction on how to products and items from the company’s official blog site. Nike Basketball @Nikebasketball twitter account advertise sports wears meant for basketball. The accounts post advertising videos of famous basketball stars like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant etc. Nike sportswear @Nike sportswear twitter account usually post pics and feeds about sports wears. Nike Golf @Nikegolf twitter account post feeds and information about golf wears and instructions on how to use them. Nike Training @Niketraining post feed and information about how

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