Essay on Social Media Has A Negative Impact On Society

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People are already mindful and concerned on how much time is being consumed on the new world of social media. Most of the users are consciously becoming addicted and more dependent on online activity. Social media has been an issue that brought many controversies to debate. For instance, in the pro-social networking article (“Negative Impact of Social Networking Sites” by Karen Frazier), the author asserts that social media has a lot of negative impacts in the society, especially in young adults and teenagers. Unreliable communication, high risk of interventions with strangers, cyberbullying, and a substantial decrease in school grades are some of the main concerns of Frazier. But, in the article “Social Media Isn’t All Bad” by Kelly Wallace, the author argues that social media makes the user feel more confident, and also helps them to build a better relationship with friends, relatives, and peers. Therefore, the main idea of Frazier, according to this article, is that social media has a negative impact on the society, especially on young adults and teenagers. On the contrary, the main idea of Wallace in this article is that social media is beneficial for the society, and make the users feel more confident and friendly.
To begin, how does social media impact communication? There is a big group of people who think that social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are actually something bad. Users are developing a unique profile, getting to communicate mainly…

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