Social Media And The Internet

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Register to read the introduction… The Internet as media has far-reaching impacts because it offers two-way communication platform and people can share experiences across the Internet effortlessly. An example of two-way communication are the common chat rooms in which a virtual leader can send out a number of messages to a group of people. Consider a leading hashtag or a viral youtube video it is obvious that it engages the virtual leader and the user. Moreover, the social media coverage is large, and information sent through the social media reaches a number of people within the shortest time possible. Social interactions in the social media are instant and very effective. Hence, more people prefer to use the various social media sites for interpersonal interactions(Sonia, …show more content…
Social media has a global influence on the society and offers a platform for the creation of friendships between people(Mcchesney, 2015). People are now able to interact with people from other cultures and get to learn other people’s experience that is quite noble. The global space has been reduced greatly with this single invention. Initially, people developed relationships over a long period based on the locality, geographical region, and schools, this has changed in the modern society, and people now tend to make friendships over the Internet easily. Testimonies from a number of teenagers show that they prefer to meet new friends to the Internet than through social interactions at school. Facebook is one of the major networking sites that enables people meet online and interact. It offers the ability to users to share statuses, upload personal photographs and share experiences. Social networking sites provide an important virtual platform for social and business interaction. At present, the virtual world consists of over 6.6 million people across the globe and different companies have established their outlets on the Internet [ (Bickingham, 2013) …show more content…
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