News Media's Influence On American Politics

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News media has changed over time and has played a big role and influence in American politics, either by attracting supporters, criticizing candidates, etc. Media has immense power within the American democracy because every Americans can get their news from the media. Media coverages shapes how Americans have perceived the world and what they consider to be important. The media today is more diffuse and chaotic than ever as there are billions of web pages, millions of blogs, hundreds of cables and satellite radio stations. And most Americans have moved to a much more digital existence that can gain access to all the news media through their smartphones and access to the computer. The news media in the internet has a lot of influences that …show more content…
The news media in the internet can reorganize the way Americans do everything, as candidates who would have no chance can now overcome huge odds, with the people energizing and serving as the backbone of their campaign. The role of the news media would be to act as an effective check on government power and influence over its citizens. Since there are various social and personal variables, it is difficult to gain precise insight into the extent of the media’s impact on national development. Journalist from the news media influence government policy- making by creating the reality government leaders act, by playing the role of public opinion representatives, give attention to particular issues and acting as a link between governmental bureaucracies. News media properly functions the democracy as it enables full public participation for the public in elections. In numerous ways the news media has been the watchdog on American politics, a campaign platform, open forum for debate and discussion for public voce, and a public …show more content…
From choosing which stories to present to the public, the news media will help determine the most important issues. Journalists set the agenda and it is crucial as it shapes the issues that will be debating to the public. Agenda- setting can also be referred to as signaling because the media signals which stories are the most important when they decide what to report. Although print and the broadcast news are much in common for spreading information to the general public and engage in investigations, they differ is significant ways. The difference between print and broadcast news would be that the broadcast news is written for listeners and viewers turning in with their ears and sometimes eyes. While the print news is tangible information structured to be reread. There are differences in specific organizational patterns in broadcast and print news. Print news would invert pyramid that puts the most important details at the top and least important details are built from the lead sentences. While in the broadcast news, the dramatic unity uses a lead in followed by a climax, cause and effect. The dramatic unity is much more simplified than print, as facts are written in descending and chronological order. As for the leads, print news leads are robust and answers five Ws in regard to the news. Then there are the broadcast leads

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