Social Media And Negative Body Image

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Fake Perfection Like snowflakes there is no one person who looks the same in the world. Even identical twins have a small difference that you would be able to tell them apart. What makes every person individually unique is our physical traits; however, things like the internet, the social media, and television says otherwise. According to the media, every man must be handsome and muscular, and every woman must be fit and beautiful. An easy access to such technologies make it easier for people to utilize. Through their frequent use, people will get influenced by the messages that the media sends. The “perfect image” projected by the media promotes a negative body image in individuals and can lead to lower self­esteem.
Body image could be
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This is an example of how the majority of the media presents perfect body to the public, hoping that consumers will strive to achieve that image using a certain product or idea. Many people end up suffering with inner conflicts as result of this type of marketing technique. Their self esteem will also be hurt because of their failed attempts to look like a fashion model or star athlete. As a result of their inner conflicts and self esteem, people get into harmful situations such as bulimia, anorexia, harmful dietary plans, and depression.
The buyers that are victims of false advertisement are the ones who suffer the most from the media’s idea of a perfect body. After being brainwashed by the magazine, commercial, ad that was trying to sell a certain product, they will buy the item in hopes of getting the same success shown in the advertisement. It is extremely rare that things go as the advertisement showed it would. Those who feel unattractive will wear seductive perfume and those who aren 't athletic would wear Jordans. Although their mentality will change nothing physical did. The emotional and physical damage that will occur after they realise that the product did not work may result harmful situations. For example, my friend Jonah sprayed himself with Axe cologne before going to the club hopes of getting an abundance of women just like the commercial advertised it would. In the end, he got rejected by all the women he made advances
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I wanted to have a certain body type to feel more comfortable at the beach so I looked for inspiration through the media. Through Instagram I was able to find inspiration to be fit on the Fitgirls page. On that account I was able see workout videos and diet tips. Having easy access to fitness advice motivated me to lose weight the healthy way.
“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” is a well known quote from the Disney princess movie Snow White. From this movie, we are able to see that the world today is obsessed with their body image and always want to look their best. The obsession of self image could lead to negative situations such as eating disorders and unhealthy dietary plans.
Unless people can find reality in what is presented in certain media, some people will continue to suffer. Buyers could find the truth more easily if media offered products advertised by everyday people without the extra glamour. People should make up their minds to not be

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