Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

1476 Words Apr 20th, 2016 6 Pages
Have you ever wondered how much time we actually spend on our phones every day? How much of this time is spent on an open social media app? According to the Pew Research Center, the number of adults making use of social media in America The invention was at 65% in late 2015, up from 7% in 2005. The most likely age group to use social media are the young people aged between 18-26 years with a 90% likelihood while those aged 65 years and above have a 35% likelihood of using social media (Anderson, 15). One of the main reasons why America has become a social media influenced nation is due to the invention of the mobile phone technology which has resultantly influenced the entire media landscape. Most forms of media are channels of communication, and as much as television and radio were more effective than emails and postage letters, cell phones have made communication a lot easier and quicker. As of 2011, wireless forms of communication had become very popular in the world, and they have also become an integral part of our lives. Smart phones have changed the manner in which news are shared, reported and covered in America and in all parts of the world (Sartell, 14). Because of the increased and widespread use of social media and such networking sites, it has had a lot of influence on global communication patterns, political deliberations, and work. Most smart phones are camera enabled and therefore it is quite easy to document events in forms of photographs and/or videos.…

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