Social Media Effects On Interpersonal Communication

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Today, most of our society is revolving around social media. Social media allows the creating and sharing of information, ideas, and other forms of expression from technology including computers, tablets, cell phones. Some examples of social media are texting, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Social media has a great impact on all forms of communication. However, it momentously impacts our interpersonal communication, or the way we communicate with other people. Social media has advantages and disadvantages on the influence of interpersonal communication.
Every person feels many types of emotions each day, and many people feel the need to express themselves to relieve each emotion. One of the most common settings for this liberation
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In contrast to coming together, I feel the last three stages of falling apart have the most influence by social media. The third stage of falling apart is stagnating; where partners avoid new topics for fear of negative outcomes. When partners in this stage convert, they usually will talk about things like the weather instead of how they are feeling or doing. Social media can be beneficial in this stage because you can use it as a tool to express the feelings you avoid sharing your partner . However, in the same manner, if you see a status or posts about an event or feeling that you did not know about your partner, it can make you feel even more isolated and excluded. Avoiding, the fourth stage, is when you actively avoid contact with your partner both physically and psychologically. Social media can support this stage because it is very simple to avoid a texts or notification than it is to avoid someone in person. On the contrary, it is hard to hide yourself on social media. For example, if you are avoiding your partner’s texts and phone calls, yet you post “tweets” on Twitter, your partner will know you have been on your phone and have been purposely ignoring him or her. The final stage is terminating the relationship. Social media can assist this stage where on networks like Facebook, you can make the termination known by putting your relationship status as “single”. Also, you can delete all the pictures or “memories” from different social networks which can be therapeutic and help you forget about your previous partner. Although, if you still are “friends” or “follow” your ex-partner, seeing various posts and pictures can lead to difficulties in getting over him or her and may cause

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