Social Media And Its Effects On Relationships Essay

1966 Words Nov 17th, 2016 8 Pages
In today’s society the way we connect with each other has changed immensely. The internet has progressed to become one of the main key factors of life. It has not only changed the way we associate with one another, but the way we think as well. It has surrounded the world with many different social media sites, allowing society to keep in touch with each other, share pictures, thoughts, and even their own locations. The internet is so powerful citizens continuously see what is going on in everybody else lives, and are able to be aware of one another’s personal relationships. This can be looked at as a very gratifying concept if used the correct way, however, misuse of social media can lead to serious damaging effects on relationships. A Majority of relationship problems nowadays are created from the mishandling of these sites. “Social media is easy to be addicted to, and oftentimes it can hurt our relationships without us even realizing it” (Reynolds). Relationship issues “that a partner experiences can eventually result in a higher tendency to break up and divorce” (Clayton). Social media has given society easy access to communicating with others, which has increased the potential for relationship complications. These problems often appear in the form of jealousy, contacting individuals of the opposite sex, and even liking/favoring another’s post. “Photos and posts can be used by teens to incite jealousy in others, often former partners, and lead to jealous…

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