Social Media And Its Effect On Society Essay

1453 Words Apr 13th, 2015 null Page
Introduction Social media has manipulated the world we live in today. “ A recent study by the Pew Research Center determined that 71 percent of online adults used social media networking Web sites as of January 2014.” (Brandt, Feehan) It has changed the way we 8communicate, and how we establish social status. It has has effected every institution of society: family, religion, government, economy, and education. There has been both positive and negative aspects to social media. In today’s life, its about trying to find the right balance with social media that society can prosper from it. Social media will always be apart of the world, so instead of deeming it as a negative effect on society, there are ways that it can be more of a benefit than deteriorate society. Social media has the potential to make society stronger.
The first institution that is effected by social media in our society is family. “On average, American adolescents use media for more than 7 hours a day, managing to cram nearly 11 hours of media content in those hours” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). This is a huge portion of the day dedicated to social media. This will affect every family positively and negatively. The more negative would consist of pornographic websites, drug related websites, and aggression and conflict in the family. The more positive points would be that social media creates opportunity to make closer connections, family bonding, and communication. One of the negative…

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