Social Media And Involvement As A Commuter Student Essay

1435 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Based on the analysis of three semi-structured interviews, we found two major themes participants explained relating their social media and involvement as a commuter student. These two themes were institutional perception and individual value. Institutional perception refers to how the participant perceived the institution was invested in the students and participant, in particular to his or her commuter student status. Individual value refers to how the participant values his or her priorities, which in turn may impact interest in involvement. It is important to note that these themes are not mutually exclusive and often intertwine.

Institutional Perception In terms of institutional perception, a common topic was feeling as though the institution was putting on an act in regards to social media and involvement. For Sam, he notes that the institution, “looks like kind of a show. It almost looks like they are out here trying to pretend like they offer these things that we have off campus and commuter office and that 's great, but what are they doing for me? I don 't know.” John also touches on this topic of feeling like social media is an act. John is a member of the commuter club on campus. He explains how he perceives his institution is utilizing students for marketing purposes, “I think they 're really trying to push the whole, like, using Instagram…they want students posting pictures of them on the university… they really want, like, us to approach them on…

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