Essay Social Medi Society 's Disease

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Social Media: Society’s disease
Have you been infected by the disease of social media? Social media allows easy access to connect with anyone, from your next door neighbor to your ex best friend Sally from the third grade. Even though social media helps us interact with each other it also has a negative side. For example, plastic surgery, cyberbullying, and glamourizing alcohol and drug use are some of the negative effects that social media has on society.
One negative effect that social media has on society is plastic surgery. For example, from being on the cover of famous magazines like Ebony, Essence, Vogue, Time and People to being talked about on television and radio talk shows, everyone has notice First Lady Micelle Obama’s toned arms. Many women have gone to great lengths to get “Michelle Obama Arms”. Even though Breast augmentation and Botox injections still rule as America’s most popular procedures; plastic surgeons are receiving more requests for a lesser known surgery called brachioplasty. Maybe an individual has not took notice of First Lady Obama toned arms. Surely, they have heard of the World famous R&B and Hip Hop artist Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj butt implants are blasted all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Nicki Minaj also has numerous music videos were she flaunts her butt implants for the world to see. Minaj’s fan based “Barbz” hypes her curves and implants.
Another negative effect that social media has on society is cyber bullying. Morgan Thomas…

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